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We’re BikeShak

A family of keen cyclists, bike experts and flat white addicts who love nothing more than sharing our passion and knowledge with our fellow riders. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning – that and the call of the quiet morning roads… and the aforementioned coffee, naturally.

We champion great bikes, components and clothing, and are here to help make sure you get the right set-up for your riding style, budget and ability.

We all know how hard finding the right kit can be, especially with an Internet full of reviews and mixed opinions. That’s why we thoroughly test each and every product so we’re perfectly placed to recommend from first-hand experience. And we’re not going to lie – we love the testing part.

While we stock top brands (the kind you won’t find on Wiggle et al) – we’re definitely not cycling snobs. We embrace all riders: old, new, returning… commuters, racers, roadies. Middle-aged and in lycra? So are some of us!

We’ve saddle stories to rival the best, so as well as making sure you walk (ride) away with the right kit, we’ll hopefully also inspire you to get out as much as possible, find some new roads, conquer some new climbs, and really make the most of your purchases and passion. After all, it’s the best passion in the world.

That’s us. From here on in it’s all about you.


Whether you ride to work or work to ride – we’re here to help.


Anthony Ball, Owner
What do you do at Bikeshak?
I look after the numbers and hand-pick our brands. Big responsibilities! (Definitely prefer the latter).

What’s your cycling background?
I’ve twice completed the Etape du Tours and conquered many a climb in Mallorca. These days, you’ll mostly find me out on the hills around Lancashire and the Ribble Valley – we’re spoilt for choice up here. Then at the weekends it’s the local country lanes with my cycling-mad son on his first bike with gears. It was always going to happen.

What do you ride?
S Works Tarmac with Campag Super Record and Zipps, and a Condor Fratello. Two’s enough right?


Simon, Shop Assistant
What do you do at Bikeshak?
I handle customer sales & enquiries. Also look after making sure the shelves are stocked with the finest parts in the land.

What’s your cycling background?
Disclaimer: Simon has a vivid imagination…
I was born in Uzbekistan in the Autumn of 1908, the son of a circus performer. By the age of 18 months I was proficient in unicycling along the high wire whilst breathing fire. But I grew weary of the tyrannical reign of the evil ring master & escaped to the bright lights of Altrincham where I was offered refuge in friendly cycle shop where I have remained ever since, sleeping inside a bike bag.

What do you ride?
A Genesis Equilibrium 853, Specialized Tarmac, Trek Crockett, Genesis High Latitude, Genesis Flyer, Genesis Tour de Fer, and Specialized Turbo. Not at the same time.

Joe, Workshop Manager and [unofficial] Shop DJ
What do you do at Bikeshak?
Keep the workshop running smoothly while spinning the tunes – just as smoothly.

What’s your cycling background?
I’ve been cycling for more years than I can (or want to) remember, and have been spannering for money for more than eighteen of those. I’ve never had the inconvenience of owning a car, and I move myself, children and loads by bike. It’s not uncommon to find me hauling six bags of shopping and two children home from the shops, or a trailer load to the dump. Allez!

What do you ride?
A Genesis Day One, Surly Big Dummy, and my Surly Ogre – usually with my Surly Bill Trailer in tow.


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