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Here at BikeShak we pride ourselves on providing riders with bikes and products that are most suitable for their needs. A massive part of that is ensuring that the bike is the correct size and suitably set-up for each rider. This not only helps you to avoid injury but also ensures you’re getting maximum power down on the road. The purpose of a bike fit is to tailor the bike to meet the rider’s needs. You might consider a bike fit for one or more of the following reasons:

You are looking to buy a new bike
You feel your current position is uncomfortable
You experience pain/soreness/numbness while riding
You have changed your goals/level of fitness

Body Geometry Fit

We use the Specialized Body Geometry method of fit which consists of a pre-fit interview during which we will discuss your experience and cycling history before looking at your future goals. This may be to improve performance or just simply to be comfortable on the bike.

This will then be followed by a physical assessment during which we will perform a number of tests to establish your flexibility in key areas and any limitations you may have. This will aid us in finding the most suitable riding position for you.

And finally your ride analysis. This is when we will visually assess and take measurements of your position on the bike, making incremental alterations to get you into that optimum position.

The whole process usually lasts a couple of hours and by the end of it we will be able to provide you with all the measurements you need as well as setting up your current bike if necessary. The process requires you to be cycling as you would on the road, therefore you will be wearing your normal cycling clothes, shoes and using your own pedals.

The short video below shows how the whole process works – for the pros and for you.

Body Geometry Fit

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To enhance the fit experience we use a Retül Müve bike. This is fully adjustable and allows us to change every aspect of a bikes setup quickly and efficiently without having to swap parts on your current bike. Allowing us to spend more time optimising your position. 


Body Geometry Fit - £120

Pre-fit Interview
Physical Assessment
Ride Analysis

1 hr follow up session to see how you are getting on with your new setup.

What you will need to bring with you for a Body Geometry Fit:

Your existing bike: so we can transfer all new measurements straight away.  (If you are looking to be fitted for a new purchase this is not necessary).

Your shoes: we may have to adjust your cleat position as part of the fit, and you will need to be able to cycle as you would out on the road.

Cycling clothes, Jersey & Shorts: You will be cycling as part of your fit so it is best to try and closely match your position on the road and that includes what you are wearing.

Book a bike fitting

If you are interested in booking a Body Geometry Fit or if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Ed, our Body Geometry specialist, using the enquiry form or directly using the contacts below:
0161 929 9355

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