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Cycle to work schemes are a great way to buy a bike be it your first or one of many! They allow you to spread the cost of a new bike and accessories whilst making tax savings too. Nifty. With the recent announcement on the lifting of scheme limits of £1000 schemes can now offer certificates of an unlimited value* so more expensive bikes and e-bikes are now attainable on the scheme, good news for everyone!


How do they work?

Most third party scheme providers such as Cyclescheme, Bike2Work, Halfords C2W, Green Commute Initiative etc use a quotation system whereby the retailer (that’s us!) issue a quote for goods up to whatever value you like or what you are limited to on your scheme. That quote is then used by your scheme provider or employer to generate a voucher / credit for that amount. It’s super simple. Each scheme is slightly different in the required paper work so it’s best to check with them what’s needed before coming to see us, if you’re unsure just give us a call.  Once you’ve got your voucher we can release the goods by redeeming it in store on collection, no cash changes hands.


We accept most cycle scheme vouchers from the various providers  so no matter who your provider is we’ll be able to help you find a bike on your scheme. Don’t see your scheme? Call us or drop us an email, we may be able to work with your provider or your employer.


For more information on each of the major schemes click the links below:


*Scheme values are dictated by the employer not the provider, it’s worth checking with your employer to see what the limit of their chosen scheme is before committing to a quotation from us