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New in Store

New in store this week

One of the highlights of our working week lunch break is to read up on all the new kit the cycle trade media is testing for their upcoming publications and we thought ‘hey, we get some pretty cool stuff at Bikeshak too, we must inform the masses!’ An unashamed method of marketing of course but a chance for us to tell you about new or returning stock that we think is worth having a read about on your lunch break. So with the weather turning decidedly wintery we’ve got a nice little selection of products to ease the pain of transition to the colder months.


Genesis Fugio Apex

You may have already seen the photos of this handsome beast on our social media channels (if you haven’t why aren’t you following us?!) and we’ve finally got one in store for you to come and check out. The Fugio is a relatively new bike for the Genesis range having been launched at their trade show last model year but makes it’s appearance just as the foul weather looms which is fine by us because the Fugio is just begging for some off road adventures. Genesis are no stranger to adventure bikes with the Croix De Fer, Tour De Fer and Day One being solid options in their range for years and of course the Tarn and Longitude in their MTB stable. The Fugio takes the new Gravel trend by the horns with a 650B wheel size and large diameter tyres this is an adventure bike designed for fun and not just bike packing.

The Fugio is a handsome devil in it’s natural habitat
SRAM Apex one by, so simple, so light, so Gnarmac


The attention to detail just kills us on every new Genesis. Gorgeous.

Running Sram Apex X1 transmission keeps things simple and on trend Groad with TRP SPYRE brakes brining that lovely Mojlnir steel frame to a stop. The highlight has to be those Clement 650 by 50c tyres though giving mountain bike traction and comfort to an already capable drop bar bike. Genesis actively encourages you to tackle technical off road riding with the Fugio and we think it would make an excellent alternative to the usual winter bike drudgery, we think it’s time you invested in some baggies and a beard, took a discomforting liking to craft beer and set out into the woods on a mini adventure.

For full specs and price you’ll want to have a gander over here :


Shimano Early Winter Gloves

A returning shop favourite for the Autumn season the Early Winter glove from Shimano is a staff favourite used by both Ben and Luke. Even the most hardened riders amongst us can only put up with cold fingers for so long so switching to a long finger glove adds a degree of comfort that makes winter miles so much more pleasurable, I mean who wants to claw change out of your jersey with frozen lobster claws? The gloves feature a cosy flock lining inside a thin fabric offering brilliant dexterity whilst keeping the worst of the wind chill at bay. They will become your go to glove for cooler rides and with the stretch elastic fit without a Velcro strap they will stand the test of time too! RRP £29.99

This glove clearly being modelled by a yeti


Madison Sprint Windproof Softshell Glove

OK any one who has been in our shop of late to look at Autumn / Winter gloves has probably spotted these on our shelves for a little while now but we think as more stock comes in they deserve a mention due to their popularity with customers. Why you might ask? Well with a completely windproof back, wide tough Velcro adjustment strap and grippy silicone strips these gloves are perfect for the colder temperatures on the horizon. Heavier fabrics mean these sit nicely between the light weight Early Winter glove from Shimano and the full on ‘I can’t believe it’s snowing in March’ Madison Stellar glove. These should see your digits warm and cosy into the very depths of winter whilst offering ample dexterity for all manner of card tricks at the coffee stop. RRP £24.99

The sight of Ben’s hairy scarred meat poles is just too much close up, here’s some nice packaged ones instead.


Cateye Sync lights

Arguably the most important purchase you will make this winter as the dark nights descend upon us is a set of new, quality lights. If you’re still persisting with AAA battery powered units then the Cateye Sync range of lights are worth a look and not just for their long lasting USB chargeable internal batteries. These lights have another trick up their sleeve which we think is seriously cool and potentially very useful. Up to seven lights can be Synced together and operated from an app in your mobile phone with options to customise functions including the ability to switch on all your synced lights from your main headlight, pretty nifty. The new lights also feature a kinetic option which turns red safety lights to a solid beam when slowing indicating to traffic you are slowing down like a brake light. Battery life can also be monitored from the app in the phone which could be very useful for a quick check before the commute to or from work. We love the sounds of some of these functions, they could be the revolution in lights for commuting we’ve been waiting for. Models pictured – Wearable RRP £49.99, Core & Kinetic set RRP £119.99

This video from Cateye gives a great insight into how easy it is to operate everything via the app and how the functions work :


That’s all from us for now, we hope to see you in store soon and we’ll be posting more New in Store as and when we get it! In the mean time Ben has been buying records again and finally managed to score ‘Clean Up Woman’ by the infamous soul legend Betty Wright, such a tune. #fortheriders




Written on September 19th, 2018 by Bikeshak



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