JOURNAL: Phil Burt Innovation – Bike fit trouble shooting videos now live!


Phil Burt Innovation – Bike fit trouble shooting videos now live!

Long established customer, shop friend and bearded giant Phil Burt continues to expand his cycle fitting business based at the MIHP in Manchester now with his own Youtube channel and some great videos explaining those common fit problems we have all suffered from.

As a former physio and bike fitter for British cycling working with Olympic athletes and big names in the sport Phil is one of if not the most experienced voice on the topic of bike fit which is why we recommend him to all our customers enquiring about fitting. Don’t be fooled into thinking Phil only welcomes pro athletes however, his medical background gives him a unique ability to work holistically with clients with specific fit issues caused by injury or in my case unique physiology (which sounds much better than a short leg and a wonky hip).

Saddle numbness? Pain in the hands? Niggling knee pain? Say no more, we present to you Phil’s recent videos which can also be watched of course via his Youtube Channel :


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Written on February 5th, 2019 by Ben Othen


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