The Workshop

Here’s where we fix and fine-tune all bikes to make sure they’re ready to be ridden and ridden (and ridden). We offer a complete range of repair and fitting services in our Shimano Service Centre workshop, so give us a call and we’ll happily get you booked in.

Spanners & Hammers

BikeShak has one of the busiest workshops in the North West.  We have an exemplary reputation when it comes to servicing.  Our rates are competitive and our eye for detail unrivalled.  We endeavour to go the extra mile on every job to make sure every bike is running like a dream.  All our mechanics are Cytech qualified and have spent many years mastering their craft, so you can be rest assured your bike is in good hands.

*Standard Service - £65

Our everyday general service

Drivetrain degreased, washed and lubricated.
Inspect for damaged, worn and incorrectly fitted parts.
Wheels trued, hubs adjusted.
Headset and bottom bracket adjusted as required.
Optimise braking and shifting systems.
Lubricate all pivots and secure all fittings.

*Premium Service - £120

It’ll feel like a new bike

General service plus...
Frame and Wheels washed / Frame Polished
Frame checked for alignment.
Hubs stripped and serviced.
Headset stripped and serviced.
Drivetrain removed for detailed clean and inspection.
Replace grips or bar tape (parts extra)
Bleed hydraulic brakes (if applicable)

All other jobs not covered by the standard services or to be undertaken as stand alone jobs are charged on an individual basis inclusive of VAT, all prices are a guide only and adjustments will be made for extra time taken to complete jobs. We operate on an hourly rate of £48, any jobs that do not fall under our workshop itinerary will be charge based on this rate and time taken.

*Service labour prices are based on bikes being in a 'serviceable condition' by which we mean the bike and all components are clean enough to work on, not seized or damaged and are mechanically and electronically compatible. Extra time taken above a normal service period (90 mins approx) to clean, repair and remove seized or dirty parts will result in extra labour charges being added to the bill after the customer has been notified and agrees for the work to proceed. We want all our services to leave the shop in the best possible condition and we want to give you the knowledge to prevent problems resulting from worn, seized or damaged components. We welcome any and all questions regarding bike maintenance and care so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Book a service

To book your service slot please contact us on, phone us on 0161 929 9355 or pop in the shop to arrange a convenient day.

We always aim to complete the job on the day it is booked in, although if we need to order any parts that are out of stock it may take longer. Regardless, we will always keep you updated and informed on the progress of your repair.

Suspension Servicing

Due to the sheer number of spare parts needed, we send most suspension forks & shocks to specialists for servicing.  We only use the very best in the business, depending on the make & model of your suspension we will send them to TF Tuned, Mojo or Specialized UK for servicing & tuning.


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