Bikeshak Repair Collection



Pick up and drop off starting February 21st


Bikeshak servicing delivered to your door

From the 21st of February we will be trialling a new Repair Collection service. We realise that finding the time to get your bike to us and to pick it up can be difficult with multiple responsibilities especially if some of them go to school! So we decided to give customers the option for us to collect their bikes, take them to the store to be repaired or serviced then drop them back off at their home. Your bike receives the same great service as any of our walk in customers, no ‘from the back of the van’ servicing here and you can pay with card over the phone on completion of the work or PayPal on drop off. Easy!


When can you collect?

Collections take place from 7:30pm onwards every Thursday. Times will vary depending on location and traffic. You or someone you know will need to be available from 7:30 on the day of collection.

*We will require a deposit of £20 to be paid before collection. This will be deducted from the final bill on payment and is non-refundable if the job is cancelled the day before collection.


Where do you collect and what’s the cost?

We charge £10 in total to collect and return your bike anywhere within a 5 mile radius of the shop shown approximately on the map below.



We charge a further £2 for every extra mile covered to collect your bike. This will be added to the repair bill on payment.


When will I get my bike back?

All bikes collected are booked in for repair on the next available slot. Bikes will be returned every Friday from 7:30pm, customers are contacted prior to delivery on the day. If we can return your bike on the Friday after collection we will and if not it will be returned the following Friday.  This gives us time to order any parts we may need and address any potential issues.  If the person we are delivering the bike to is not you or at a different address this will need to be confirmed at the booking stage and we MUST be notified of any changes before we attempt to deliver. Bikes will not be returned to unknown parties or addresses not confirmed by the owner for obvious reasons.


Booking in

Simply give us a call on 0161 929 9355 and have your payment card ready!


*We take a deposit to cover losses when jobs are cancelled. As we book in advance if cancellations occur we cannot always fill these slots in time to cover workshop staff time. We appreciate our customers are as reliable as their bikes but this helps discourage the minority who may book then cancel at the last minute.