JOURNAL: A bike to be envious of

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A bike to be envious of

Every now and again we get to put together something that really stands out from the crowd.  This here Sabbath Silk Road custom build is one such bike.

Our customer was after a top performing bike that was super-fast yet still offered a sublime ride quality.  This is where a titanium frame like the Silk Road comes into its own; it’s every bit as stiff as needed through some great frame design features but dampens down the road buzz beautifully in the way that only titanium can.  Once the frame was decided on we started spec’ing up the build.  There were plenty of ideas and options bounced around, but in the end we went to town on it marrying up the understated class of the frame with a whole host of ENVE composite parts and a SRAM Force groupset.

We reckon it’s come out rather lovely.  Definitely amongst the nicest bikes we’ve ever built.  What do you think?….
sabbath 2012

Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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