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BikeShak Commuters

Workshop Manager Joe rides a variety of bikes to work depending on whether he needs to run errands on the way home. This day it was straight forward, here and back, so the Genesis Day One was the bike of choice. Whilst the Day One is a marvelously simple bike, it can be improved, so obviously it’s not a stock Genesis Day One – no self-respecting bike mechanic has a stock bike – there’s always something that can be tweaked to fit your personal style.

In this case Joe has added a few items to his own taste including a classic old-school Campag Record chainset, for riders of a certain age seeing this object of lust brings a twinkle to the eye and a knowing nod. The brakes, the wheels, the bars and stem – all changed to suit. The bike gets a regular dose of maintenance, it needs to just work to ensure Joe can get around, it’s his main means of transport as he doesn’t own a car.

Funnily Joe claims to be a slow rider – funny in that trying to keep up with him on the ride home often requires a stop at a pub to quench the thirst!

Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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