JOURNAL: Cateye Volt 300 – A Quick Review


Cateye Volt 300 – A Quick Review

It happens to all of us eventually. You forget to charge your light battery before a dark commute. Or in my case today not notice that the charger has cutout due to a loose connection. My commute is 45km each way, a mix of lit streets and pitch black country lanes. I didn’t fancy playing battery roulette but thankfully we had a fully charged Cateye Volt 300 in our lighting display in the shop that was begging to be tried.

We’ve only had these lights in a few days. They’ve replaced the Cateye Nano Shot which has been a great seller for us over the last year or so. On paper the stats look good – 300 lumens, 3 power levels plus 2 flashing modes, 3 hour run-time on full and USB rechargeable all in a neat self contained unit with Cateye’s excellent flextight tool free mounting bracket for just £49.99 (£10 less than the nano buy ativan online shot). Stats are all well and good but a real-world trial is a much better test.

Well, I have to say that I was impressed. The Hyperconstant flashing mode is great for getting you seen around town but I was soon out into the lanes where I fired up the full 300 lumens. The beam shape was excellent with a nice even spread of light extending a decent distance down the road. Spotting potholes (of which there are sadly many) was straightforward even at 20mph and I’d happily use this light for fast road riding at night. Even switching to the next power level gave enough light to ride by at a steady pace which I was pleasantly surprised by.

I know it’s only one ride but I’d happily recommend this light to anyone. Workshop boss Joe has been using one of these for the last few days and he is equally impressed.

Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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