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Genesis but nothing to do with Phil Collins

We’ve been keeping a rather keen eye on Genesis bikes for a while and we’re now proud to announce that we are a full-on Genesis stockist.  All their bikes are designed in the UK, for the UK market, so they respond to the needs of riders like you and me.  They’re not overly concerned with keeping up with the latest trends and fashions set by the big international brands, they simply concentrate on making bikes that are great for riding.

The primary objective with all Genesis bikes is to make your riding experience as enjoyable as possible.  Whatever your reason for riding; commuting, racing, or simply getting a bit of fitness, there will be a Genesis bike that will put a big grin on your chops while you are doing it.  What’s more, they look pretty amazing too, with some fresh colours and unique graphics.  Run of the mill definitely isn’t their thing.

Now for a quick run through a few of the models that we’ll be stocking…

CDF – More than just a cyclocross bike. This blue beauty has all the speed and handling to race it around in winter, but it’s fully loaded with rack mounts and mudguard eyelets. Count in the disc brakes and this thing could where to buy ambien over the counter also be your winter trainer, full-time commuter or even a tourer.

Flyer – Sublime classic looks and the simplicity of one gear. You can run the Flyer either fixed or with a freewheel, either way the mechanical simplicity is a joy. There’s a chance you’ll start wondering why you ever had gears at all… Well, maybe. I’ve recently started riding some of my commutes on a Genesis Day One, set-up fixed, and found that on that particular route I’m pretty much just as fast on that as I am on a fancy-dan carbon race bike.

Volant – Genesis’ take on how an aluminium road bike should be – Fast, exhilarating and efficient. Perfect for a dabble in racing, ideal for attacking sportives and perfect for beating your mates to signposts. Plus it’ll look better than everyone else’s bikes at the cafe stop.

Equilibrium – Remember folks, steel is real. In this world of high modulus carbon fibre and wind tunnel testing you could be forgiven for thinking that steel is a material of the past. It’s not by a long way. Often when people are explaining how comfortable a bike is they’ll say “it rides like a steel bike.” Well, in which case, why not have a steel bike?

Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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