JOURNAL: Sometimes it’s all glamour


Sometimes it’s all glamour

New bikes arrive on an almost daily basis here at the Shak. They come in boxes from the distributor partially assembled ready for final tweaking before either going on to the shop floor to entice you all to buy or onto their new owner for a lifetime of cycling pleasure.

The process involves setting the gears and brakes, hand finishing the wheels, checking all the bolts and, finally, getting the customer fitted onto the bike. This is known as a PDI, pre-delivery inspection.

Ed, our newest member of the team here at the Shak, had the pleasure of giving the final build to a Specialized Tarmac. We take pride in ensuring your bikes are as good as they are meant to be when you recieve them, and of course, offer a free first service after six to eight weeks of use.

Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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