JOURNAL: It’s not all glamour

Tales From The Workshop

It’s not all glamour

Despite what people think working as a mechanic in the BikeShak isn’t all about weaving dreams with carbon fibre frames, Zipp wheels and Di2 sorcery, for the most part it’s about making old commuters work again, bringing a smile to a child’s face by fixing their bike or fixing punctures, mostly fixing punctures…..

On the odd occasion when a super bike comes in for service or a custom build there’s usually a scramble in the workshop to do these jobs. It’s sometimes an excuse to be creative buy valium 9mg when it comes to working on these bikes, each mechanic has his own signature thing whereby he can add a little of himself to the bike. In Steve’s case it’s the almost OCD attention to detail when wrapping bar tape.

However, bringing an old bike back to life is what makes the mechanics tick – even in the case of a small child’s bike that needed a bit of TLC to become as good as new again.

Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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