JOURNAL: Toe in, toe out


Toe in, toe out

Do you give much thought to how your cleats are set up on your shoe?  Well we only have three contact points with the bike so feet (and shoes / cleats) are pretty important.  The philosophy underpinning good bike fit is to ensure the bike is made to fit you and not the other way round.  Your cleats should be set up so as to reflect your natural forefoot position.  Sit on a bench / physio couch / your bed and let you feet hang naturally over the edge.  Sit up straight and angle your torso forward 15 degrees, have a look at your foot orientation, for example one foot might be slightly toe out, the other neutral….or any combination thereof.  Set your cleats up to replicate this on the bike….a big top tip here is that if you are toe out you need to angle the toe of your cleat in slightly.  Now that does mess with the brain.

Once you have your cleats in the right position it’s a good idea to get a tipex pen and mark around the cleat in case they come lose or you need to change.

There is no fun and no performance without being comfortable first.

Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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