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A whole lot of aceness

How’s about this for a lovely looking bicycle.  Something a bit different to what we normally put together – an All City ‘Nature Boy.’

On paper this is a singlespeed cyclocross bike, but its talents are by no means limited to muddy fields in the wintertime.  This bad-boy has been set up as a low-maintenance, smooth-riding, reliable commuter yet maintains its scope for hitting some trails.

The frame is made of fine double butted ChroMoly steel tubing with a matching lugged fork, in a colour that is correctly listed as “Awesome Green.”  To keep things versitile there are still two sets of bottle cage bolts and hidden mudguard mounts on the inside of the seatstays.

We’ve built the wheels up with buy diazepam online forum Surly’s Ultra New hubs which look as good as they roll.  The gearing has been set up with a 48T chainring up front, with 17T freewheels at the back.  The hub is twin threaded so it can still be turned around to stick on a fixed cog if you so wish.

On our test ride it delivered a big grin!  Very much responsive, smooth and a hell of a lot of fun.  Our customer’s excited (and slightly tongue in cheek) feedback from his first 45km commute was “Dude, that was so RAD, I’ve made myself SICK!”


Written on March 16th, 2016 by bikeshak
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